Uncle´s Farm x Vexpa - Piattella Foils XXL 50 sheets

Piattella Foils XXL

Each bag contains 50 sheets.

43 X 35 CM

Introducing Piattella Foils – the groundbreaking innovation by Vexpa in collaboration with UNCLES FARM, the mastermind behind the renowned PIATTELLA technique.

Crafted from precision food-grade paper, these foils are rewriting the book on how we nurture, store, and enhance the organoleptic properties of extracts.

Designed to meet the most discerning standards in care and preservation, Piattella Foils maintain the essence and potency of terpenes with unparalleled freshness.

Each sheet represents meticulous research and an unwavering commitment to excellence, delivering a product of unmatched quality.

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