Beat and Sift Cloth - Dry sift

Beat and Sift Cloth is an accessory intended to improve Beat and Sift's working experience. It consists of a square piece of fabric made of non-toxic and resistant materials with different textures on both sides.

Beat and Sift Cloth is used to cover up the vegetal material during dry sifting. This long-lasting and resistant fabric is perfect to work without having to use flimsy plastic bags.

Beat and Sift Cloth is available in three different sizes: small, medium and large, to adapt perfectly to all Beat and Sift measurements.

Available Beat and Sift Cloth sizes: 

  • 50 x 50 cm (for your small Beat and Sift Bag)

  • 70 x 70 cm (for your medium Beat and Sift Bag)

  • 100 x 100 cm (for your large Beat and Sift Bag)

The smooth side will be the one in contact with the vegetal material, preventing pollen from getting stuck to it; the external side is rough to the touch and will be the one that gets beaten up with our sticks.

Choose a variant:

Starting at 8.00 €

How to use Beat and Sift Cloth

First, take the vegetal material out of the freezer. Then, open the Beat and Sift Cloth completely.

  • Put the vegetal material in the middle. Place the Beat and Sift on top, making sure that the mesh is in contact with the prime material.
  • Wrap the Beat and Sift Bag with the Beat and Sift Cloth and secure it with big rubber bands to make sure that the vegetal material can't get out.
  • Turn the Beat and Sift around and start beating it up to carry out the extraction process.

Once you are done, we recommend cleaning the Beat and Sift Cloth with cold water. If after a few uses, pollen stains are becoming hard to remove, you can also spray a bit of alcohol on it to remove them.