Dry Sift Bags and Screens

Dry sift screens and bags

Beat and Sift is a professional tool to make great quality dry extractions in only 5 minutes

Beat and Sift Bags available in three different sizes, with 160-190-220 micron meshes.

Beat and Sift consists of a fabric bag made of 100% natural cotton with a nylon rope on the side that includes a manual adjustable fastening, and two thick crossed straps with a quick release buckle. Thanks to these fastenings, the Beat and Sift can easily adapt to any bucket. 

The mesh on the bottom of the bag is available in 220-190-160 microns, and it's safely attached with double seams in order to guarantee Beat and Sift's resistance and durability over time.

Hand made in Barcelona, Spain

Our products are made with long-lasting materials and double seams to increase its durability. It features multiple security fastenings to ensure maximum purity of the final result.


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Beat and Sift enters the market of dry extractions with the objective of speeding up and simplifying the dry sifting process. 

You'll be able to obtain the maximum amount of great quality resin with minimum effort in only five minutes. 

This product has been developed by professional hash-makers with more than 10 years of experience in the sector, who have won multiple trophies and cups all over the Iberian Peninsula.

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