How to do dry sift at home with Beat and Sift bags and screens


Beat and Sift is a professional tool to make great quality dry extractions in only 5 minutes. 

Beat and Sift Bag available diameters:

How to use Beat and Sift bags:

  1. Place a round bowl of the same diameter inside the Beat and Sift Bag making sure that the mesh covers the top part of the bowl.
  2. Adjust the mesh and pull the side rope while pushing the fastener until the mesh is tight and smooth.
  3. Join the bottom straps using the quick release buckles. This way, the Beat and Sift Bag is properly secured and undesired vegetal materials won't be able to enter and ruin the quality of your extract.

Now it's time to take the previously dried material out of the freezer, where it should have been for at least 12 hours, and place it inside the Beat and Sift Cloth.

Don't lose any time as the leaves could de-freeze:

  • Open the Beat and Sift - Cloth completely
  • Put the vegetal material in the middle
  • Place the Beat and Sift Bag on top, making sure that the mesh is in contact with the prime material.
  • Wrap the Beat and Sift Bag with the Beat and Sift Cloth and secure it with big rubber bands to make sure that the vegetal material can't get out.
  • Turn the Beat and Sift around and start hitting the top of the bag for around 60 seconds using a wooden spoon or a couple of sticks. Spread the beats all over the surface of the bag at a steady pace of 3-4 hits per second.
  • Open the Beat and Sift Cloth, pick up the Beat & Sift Bag and remove the leftover leaves using your hands or a brush.
  • Open the safety closures and remove the Beat and Sift from the bowl. Carefully take out all the pollen from the bottom of the bowl using a plastic card or a silicone brush. Now, the extract is ready to be handled manually, filtered with the Beat and Sift Screen or pressed mechanically until it acquires your preferred final texture.

Depending on the quality of the prime material, you'll be able to do different batches. We recommend cleaning the Beat and Sift mesh regularly by spraying the surface with a bit of alcohol and then rinsing it with water using a soft sponge. In order to keep the mesh intact, avoid using long branches during the extraction process, as they could damage it.

Beat and Sift has the support of hash makers and professionals of the sector. It has been tested by different clubs and associations, which have rated it 5 stars. You'll be surprised with the final results and with how easy it is to use it. Beat and Sift has become the ultimate and professional tool to make dry extracts.

Beat & Sift available diameters:

Beat and Sift mesh sizes:

  • 160 microns
  • 190 microns
  • 220 microns